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Shrink Wrap Features and Benefits

SHRINK WRAP PROTECTS MANY VALUABLES: Shrink wrap protects boats and equipment from weather damage. Shrink wrap is waterproof and can be sealed around entire boats / objects to eliminate any weather related losses.

SHRINK WRAP IS EASY TO APPLY: By using the logical steps to install our shrink wrap, as shown on the shrink wrap training video, you will find it is easier to shrink wrap than tarp. Shrink Wrap is also more effective than tarps.

NO SURFACE DAMAGE: Shrink wrap will not chafe or damage covered products. When properly applied, shrink wrap will not move or chafe when covering loads being transported or stored (unlike heavy tarps which are often loose, dirty and abrasive).

BREATHE ABILITY: Our shrink wrap covers can be ventilated with shrink wrap vents to add air flow to help eliminate moisture and mildew problems.

EASY ACCESS: optional shrink wrap doors allow entry into shrink wrap covers without removing the shrink wrap. Shrink wrap zippers allow access to hooks and name plates.

COST EFFECTIVE: Our durable, UV protected shrink wrap is only pennies per square foot and provides complete protection against the elements.

COMPLETE PACKAGE: We offer a complete package that simplifies and helps eliminate the problems typically associated with shipping and storage protection on large objects.

WANT TO BE GREEN? Check out the Shrink Wrap Recycling program set up by Dr. Shrink.

Boaters and marine dealers who want to protect the environment as much as their boats can use the REBAG® Shrink Wrap Recycling. This innovative, environmentally friendly program allows anyone to quickly and easily recycle their used shrink wrap storage covers.

A straight forward concept, the REBAG kit consists of a 30" x 50" clear bag, with directions printed on it, prepaid UPS label, and a closure device. Boaters simply cut off the shrink wrap cover above the perimeter band, stuff it into the bag and affix the shipping label. The stuffed bags can then be dropped off at Mailboxes Etc. or a UPS service center. UPS will also pick up the full REBAGs at marinas and boatyards during regular deliveries.

Each REBAG holds approximately 600 square feet of shrink wrap. Boats over 26' require two bags. The REBAG kit can be purchased in individual units or in a roll of 50.

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