Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap

Flame Retardant Shrink wrap at BigShrink.com has specialized additives to extinguish after 4 seconds once ignition source is removed.  7, 9 or 12 mil fire retardant shrink wrap is the ideal shrink wrapping choice for scaffolds, shipyards, factories, containments and more.

Fire retardant Shrink Wrap with Special Flame Retardant (FR) additives, as well as UV inhibitors, for interior or exterior fire proofing & UV protection in heavy or light shrink wrap options for flexibility in work environment application.

BigShrink's 12 mil FR shrinkwrap is an excellent choice for any industrial (or marine!) setting where you need the strongest protection from wind, outside elements and general damage.

On the flip side our 7 mil FR shrink wrap option offers similar FR protection for package, storage and transport of boats and small equipment - marine or industrial.

While these two options cater to most industrial & commercial settings, let the 9 mil FR shrink wrap give you the best of both worlds.  This 9 mil madness is still light and easy to work with while maintaining a heavy propensity for pain.

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