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For corporate shrink wrap accounts - BigShrink.com Wholesale Application Forms 

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, if you need to go through your internal process first, our shopping cart will let you create a commercial invoice before placing your order. In other words, you may check out and pay with a credit card now; or you can prepare an order for processing later by following the steps below:
- choose the products you want to order,
- initialize the order by "checking out" and choosing a "pay later" option (to create an invoice that you can print or email),
- move the order through your approval process, and
- have your purchasing agent place the order.

If you would like to apply for a corporate credit or wholesale credit card terms account:

1. Create a profile (account). If you prefer, we can do this for you if you supply us with your information.

2. Submit an application for Net30 Terms or Credit Card Terms.
Credit Card: Wholesale Credit Card Terms Application

3. If possible, place your initial order with a credit card or company check.

Please keep in mind, establishing an account with credit is a process that requires investigation, and that takes time. To help confirm your identity, if possible, please place your first order with a credit card or check. If you are in a rush for your first order, call us about over-nighting a check to us - a commercial invoice can be created in our shopping cart to help get things started.

Once you have been approved for credit, you can order on-line through your corporate account. Or you can submit purchase orders from your system by fax or email.

Freight collect options are also available, allowing you to set up multiple shippers including UPS, FedEx and your favorite LTL carriers.