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Shrink Wrap Overview

BigShrink.com is proud to work directly with Dr. Shrink to provide you with 100% virgin resin marine shrink wrap. Dr. Shrink, Inc. is the leading supplier of premium shrink wrap and all shrink wrap installation accessories. They are noted for innovative products, prompt delivery, and experienced application advice.
All of the shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin with maximum UV inhibitors and is available in various thicknesses from 6 to 12 mils.  This is a quality, proven heat shrink wrap that is used by boat builders and original equipment manufacturers, as well as individuals.

Shrink wrap is designed to help save you time and money during the boat shrink wrap or equipment/machine shrink wrap process.
When you're shrink wrapping it's important to be aware of your current surroundings as well as conscientious of what your completed shrink wrap cover will be subjected to.  Remember, shrink wrap can burn!

Always keep in mind that proper sloping allows rain, snow, and ice to run/slide off your shrink wrap and that avoiding flat spots where water can puddle during the application process can reduce the chance that you will have to patch your cover over time.
We offer the widest selection of thick mil shrink wrap (6 to 12 mil thicknesses), and the widest selection of shrink wrap roll widths (up to 60 feet wide), along with specialized materials including optional Flame Retardant shrink wrap, pallet bags, and Transhield covers, and bulk shrink wrap.

A great way to get an overview of the shrink wrap sizes we offer is with our shrink wrap sizes matrix, where you can find a very detailed rundown of what to look for with various types of shrink wrap.