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Shrink Wrap Handling

We offer shrink wrap in widths from 12 feet wide to 50 feet wide. A roll of shrink wrap is extremely dense. For easier handling, it is center folded down to a size of about 8" or 10" in diameter (or 12 or 14 inches for really long rolls), and generally 3 to 5 feet feet long (give or take depending on the overall size) - see individual rolls for more accurate roll sizes and weights. 
FYI Most shrink wrap orders ship promptly - within 24 hours 98% of the time (of course, excluding weekends and holidays).

Most smaller orders ship by parcel (UPS or FedEx), while the heaviest and largest items must ship by LTL (Less than Truck Load, i.e. on a pallet by Freight Carrier). Anything that must ship by LTL will be listed as such. Large orders are usually less expensive to ship by LTL. If the products on your order reach a preset weight limit, you will be quoted LTL freight costs in our shopping cart, so you can choose what is best for you. NOTE: LTL FREIGHT CARRIERS require someone to be present to INSPECT and ACCEPT delivery.
Also, keep in mind, smaller rolls are easier for you and your personnel to handle. We list the product weight and rolled up size on each shrink wrap product page, so you know what to expect.
Another note about handling shrink wrap - keep your shrink wrap clean! It has static cling, so dirt will stick to it. You want it clean from the start, so it shrinks properly, and your welds adhere properly (for hems and pleats).