Woven Cord Strap Tensioning Tool

Woven Cord Strap Tensioning Tool
Woven Strap Tensioning Tool
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The strap tensioning tool is an important part of securing strapping to your shrink wrap project.  Used in conjunction with buckles and strapping, this tensioning tool allows you to create a tight perimeter band that will secure the cover tightly against the protected object to prevent movement of shrink wrap and chafing.

Tightening the perimeter allows the polyester strapping to snug up to the object and reduce the chance of shrink wrap chafing or shifting.

Additional information

  • Easy to use
  • Includes a built-in strap cutter
  • Used to tighten strapping around an object

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This product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

Customer Reviews

Woven Cord Strapping Tensioner
Device works well. I did need to apply tape to the base and handle as it otherwise transferred paint to the hull of the boat. Tools is also heavy. However, it is made very well and I would rather have heavy, because it's well made, that light and fragile.
Reviewed by: from Maryland. on 11/3/2016
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

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