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Shrink Wrapping Scaffolding

Shrink Wrap works very well for scaffolding and building containment. 10 mil Shrink Wrap is a very good size for scaffolding. Unlike conventional visqueen and tarps, our premium shrink wrap provides a durable, tight, professional solution that can withstand high winds and adverse weather conditions. 

Shrink wrap can also reduce heating / cooling costs during the construction process. It is cost effective and UV protected for long term usage (12 months+). General application steps are listed below.
Shrink wrap scaffolding
Please note that the shrink wrap you will be using is not flame retardant unless specified on the label, so a fire extinguisher must be kept handy at all times, and all safety precautions must be followed. We do offer Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap
  1. Survey the scaffold structure you wish to shrink wrap. You must have a means of securing the shrink wrap on all four sides. The right and left sides can be secured to the vertical scaffolding poles. It is the top and bottom of the structure that many times will not have a point of attachment. In this situation, we recommend running steel cables along the top and bottom of the structure.
  2. Unroll the shrink wrap over the scaffold structure. We recommend using our 10 mil Shrink Wrap for scaffolding. It is currently available in 20’, 24’ and 40’ widths. 
  3. Begin unfolding the shrink wrap and lapping it over the top support cable. Heat weld the shrink wrap around the cable every 5 to 6 feet as it is being unfolded, in order to temporarily hold it in place.

    Note: during the heat weld process, you are bringing the shrink wrap around the cable or scaffolding pole, and welding the material back to itself. A minimum heat weld of 6-8 inches is recommended.
  4. Once the shrink wrap film is unfolded and spot welded around the top, finish the top heat weld.
    Then perform the same operation on the bottom and sides.
  5. When all four sides are secured, you are ready to start the shrinking process. The entire surface is shrunk using the Shrinkfast 998 heat tool. Start at the bottom and work up using one continuous motion. 
  6. After shrinking the entire cover, perform a visual inspection.
    Seal all holes, tears, and heat welds with our 4" dsi-704-white-nu (ds-704) shrink tape.
  7. Install our ¾” nylon banding over the exterior of the shrink wrap in an “X” fashion by tying around the scaffolding poles and using our buckle and tension tool system to ensure the band is extremely tight. The goal here is to prevent the wind from blowing the shrink wrap out away from the scaffolding.

    Note: For jobs requiring more than one sheet of shrink wrap film material, our shrink wrap is easily joined together by overlapping the sheets about 6 inches, and heat welding them together using the Shrinkfast 998 or other shrink wrap heat tool.
Shrink wrap can burn. If heat is applied incorrectly, shrink wrap can ignite into open flame. It can also drop down on to other combustible material and cause secondary ignition and fire. If at any time you observe the shrink wrap on fire, immediately stop what you are doing and carefully inspect the area where you are working for a possible fire. Keep a fire extinguisher available at all times!