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Can the heat tool cause damage?

The propane fired shrink wrap guns (such as the Shrink Wrap Gun Ripack 2200, the Shrinkfast 998 Shrink Heat Gun, or Rapid Shrink RS100 Shrink Wrap Gun) used in shrink wrapping must be used in accordance with the manufacturer directions. Always remember Safety First!!

The Shrink Wrap Videos will explain and show how heat is swept over the shrink wrap cover, almost like spray painting, and is never left on one spot long enough to damage vinyl graphics, paint, gel coat, wood, etc.

In fact, the shrink wrap will become thin and holes will form before enough heat is transferred to damage what is being covered.

If the shrink wrap should get a burn hole, and it appears the wrap is stuck to the product, simply allow the shrink wrap to cool and it will loosen by itself. Afterwards, the hole can be patched with shrink wrap tape, making sure the tape only touches the shrink wrap and not your underlying finished surface.