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Moisture control ( Why you need shrink wrap vents)

Shrink wrap vents are essential for moisture control, as shrink wrap does not breath, and condensation will occur. Every shrink wrap cover must be ventilated to eliminate moisture and condensation under the cover.

An example of a vent is the DS-683 self-adhesive passive shrink wrap vent - it allows cross flow ventilation throughout the shrink wrap cover, minimizing chances of excess moisture and mildew. We also offer wind powered shrink wrap vents.

The number of shrink wrap vents you need will vary according to what you are covering with shrink wrap, but a minimum would be 3 shrink wrap vents for runabouts, and up to 8+ shrink wrap vents for boats 34 feet and above. Cabins and seat cushions should also be left open to help stimulate ventilation. Refer to the prior tip (link below) for more information on shrink wrap venting based on your boat size.
To get an idea of your choices for vents, visit our category page: shrink wrap vents.