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What shrink wrap color should I use? White, blue, clear?

White shrink wrap is the standard and is the strongest. For southern climates, white shrink wrap reflects heat and keeps covered boats and equipment cooler. If you are showing boats or working on them, white shrink wrap should be the color of choice, as it provides an excellent shadow-free lighting and perfect color rendition.

If you live in a northern climate, blue shrink wrap absorbs heat and allows snow and ice to slide from the cover. Blue shrink wrap will stretch when warmed by the sun, so proper support is essential (proper support is essential for white shrink wrap too - the shrink wrap video shows how to create a support structure).

Clear shrink wrap is special - it should only be used on boats during the winter months. Clear shrink wrap absorbs a lot of heat which can damage boat interiors. If you use clear shrink wrap, always over-ventilate with shrink wrap vents and shrink wrap doors.

Black shrink wrap is going to get really hot in the sun, so be careful what you cover with it. However, if you want capture as many UV rays as you can, then black is it. Or, to help conceal something in a dark spot, black can really help it blend in to the shadows.