Medium Boat Shrink Wrapping Kit for 24-29 ft. Long Boats

Medium Boat Shrink Wrapping Kit for 24-29 ft. Long Boats
The medium shrink wrap kit components

Complete shrink wrapping kit including 24 ft. wide shrink wrap with choice of mil thickness and color. Everything you need to get started shrink wrapping is included except the heat tool - but you can add that too!

Always measure the beam of your boat before ordering shrink wrap.  Using a tape measure, go from approximately 8 inches below the rub rail on one side of the boat to the highest point at the center.  You will then double that number and add 2 feet.  This will give you the narrowest shrink wrap that will be usable on your boat.

SHRINK WRAPPING A PONTOON BOAT: instead of tucking the shrink wrap film under the perimeter band, the shrink wrap needs to be put on the boat before the strapping.  The perimeter band is then installed over the shrink wrap just below the decking.  Once the perimeter band is tightened over the shrink wrap, fold the loose shrink wrap up and heat weld it over the exposed strapping.

Kit includes:
  • White or Blue 4" heat shrink tape (1)
  • 3/4" x 300' Woven cord strapping (1)
  • 3/4" buckles (20)
  • Professional film knife (1)
  • Ring cutter for strapping (1)
  • End caps (4)
  • Bottom caps (4)
  • Self-adhesive vents (6)
  • And your choice of shrink wrap!
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Select Shrink Wrap Color and Mil Thickness
Want a Heat Tool?
Additional Installation Supplies/Tools
Shrink Wrap Safety Glasses - Add (+$5.00)
Shrink Wrap Safety Gloves - Add (+$10.00)
30" x 36" Clear Zipper Access Door - Add (+$16.87)
4" x 180' Heat Shrink Tape - Add (+$32.32)
Woven Cord Strapping Dispenser - Add (+$35.70)
Strap Tensioning Tool - Add (+$90.00)
3' RS100 Extension - Add (+$105.00)
Light Weight Propane Tank - Add (+$142.99)


Medium marine shrink wrapping kit includes every supply you need to shrink wrap your mid-size express cruiser with arches or a small fly bridge.  Wondering if shrink wrap storage is right for you?  This kit makes it simple to get into shrink wrapping and turn you into a shrink wrap expert.

This kit includes 24 ft. x 45 ft., 6 mil, blue shrink wrap or 24 ft. x 50 ft., 7 mil, white shrink wrap.

White shrink wrap is recommended for areas where snowfall is not expected.  Blue shrink wrap is ideal for locations where snow load is expected, as blue shrink wrap absorbs heat to allow build-up to melt away on sunny, winter days.

For proper ventilation when your boat is stored, we suggest that you install 6-8 vents around the completed project.  Proper cross ventilation is important as it allows excess moisture to escape from the interior of your finished shrink wrap project.

Explore the list of add-ons and make this page your all-in-one source for shrink wrapping small boats.

Additional information

Optional Heat Tools:
  • Rapid Shrink 100 (RS100)
  • Shrinkfast 998
  • Ripack 2200
  • Ripack 3000
Shrink Wrap:
  • 24' x 45' - 6 mil - 1,080 sq. ft. - 34 lbs. - Blue
  • 24' x 50' - 7 mil - 1,200 sq. ft. - 50 lbs. - White

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