Strapping Protector | Shrink Wrap and Strapping Protector

Strapping Protector | Shrink Wrap and Strapping Protector
Dr. Shrink Strap Protector at a Beautiful Angle
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Shrink Wrap Strap Protectors are designed for two different applications: to keep straps from forming dents in vinyl boat upholstery and to guard corners from cutting straps and shrink wrap.  All four sides are notched for easy attachment to strapping.

Strapping can form dents on vinyl upholstery on boats, and the Strap Protector keeps the strap from cutting down into the material so it does not form permanent creases.

Corners are also "danger" areas for shrink wrap and straps.  These protectors defend and protect your strapping and shrink wrapping so you won't have to patch corners halfway through storage season!

Four notched sides allow the Strap Protector to slip right onto strapping.

Additional information

Product Details:
  • Black plastic
  • Limits warranty and potential product damage
  • Four notches on sides attach easily to strapping
  • Protects vinyl upholstery from permanent indentations
  • Protect straps and shrink wrap from sharp corners and edges
  • Reusable, inexpensive and durable plastic construction for years of damage-free shrink wrapping

Distributor information

This shrink wrap product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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