Dr. Shrink's SeatSaver | Seat Back Damage Protector | Individual Caps

Dr. Shrink's SeatSaver | Seat Back Damage Protector | Individual Caps
Dr. Shrink's SeatSaver Installed on Rail
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Dr. Shrink's SeatSaver protects your pontoon's vinyl seat backs from being indented by support structure strapping while also keeping heat away from your boat.  SeatSavers are tough and can be used year after year.  Each SeatSaver acts as a lift-off and keeps abrasion and heat from affecting your wrapped object.  If you have a pontoon, the SeatSaver can speed up your shrink wrap application speed by allowing you to be more focused on the shrink wrap cover than the object underneath.

How to use the SeatSaver:
  1.  Determine if the 4” or 2” lift off is needed and attach strapping through the knot hole of the opposite side.
  2. Push onto top rail, and pull the strap up and around the SeatSaver making sure the straps are in the cut grooves.
  3. Bring strapping up to the support post and affix to the opposite side strapping with a buckle- strapping should be pulled tight by hand.

Additional information

  • Fits on all 1.25” square tubing top rails on pontoon boats.
  • Provides either a 2” or 4” lift of the strapping over the vinyl seat backs. This product is reversible with strapping receivers at both ends of the product.
  • Prevents damage to seat backs from strapping abrasion and heat damage by lifting shrink wrap off the seat backs during the shrinking process.
  • Reusable and durable design, so you can use year after year.

Distributor information

This product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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