3 inch x 108 foot Preservation Tape | Single Roll

3 inch x 108 foot Preservation Tape | Single Roll
3 inch x 108 foot Preservation Tape | Single Roll
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3 inch preservation tape is the middle child of hull tape.  This 10 mil, 108 foot roll of tape serves as a versatile warrior in the shrink wrap realm.  With UV inhibitors mixed into the material, this tape doesn't leave a heavy residue like heat shrink.  Select white, blue, black or clear tape.
Strong, waterproof and versatile.  Adverse weather?  Odd angles?  Long distance transportation?  Let this 3 inch preservation tape give you a hand with that.  It can operate in a wide range of environments and when you're ready to remove it you won't have to worry about paint-peel or heavy, marring residue.
*IMPORTANT* Although Preservation Tape is designed not to leave a residue, the adhesion is very strong to most surfaces. As with any adhesive, it is possible that the top layer of paint or finish can come off painted surfaces or woods. Clean area thoroughly and test a small area before applying to the entire surface. Clear tape is NOT recommended for usage longer than 60 days. An adhesive residue will result.

Additional information

  • 108 feet per roll
  • Total of 10 mil thick
  • Oriented polyethylene backing
  • Synthetic rubber-clear adhesive
  • Excellent moisture and water resistance
  • 32º F - 160º F functional temperature range
  • Long-term, prolonged storage due to UV inhibitors
  • UV protection provides residue-free application for direct contact with surfaces

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This product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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