6 in. x 180 ft. Heat Shrink Tape | Single Roll

6 in. x 180 ft. Heat Shrink Tape | Single Roll
Blue, White and Clear Heat Shrink Tape
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6 inch wide Heat Shrink Tape is the widest tape available at BigShrink - and it can do any job!  180 feet of 9 mil tape in white, blue or clear.  Patch any hole, tape up any loose seam or secure your shrink wrap entry.  
180 feet of 6 inch wide tape will get any job you have done the first time you do it.  Got a big hole?  Stretch a swath of this super-wide, 9 mil tape over it and don't give it a second thought when you heat up your wrap.
No UV inhibitors.
*IMPORTANT* Clear tape is NOT recommended for usage longer than 60 days. An adhesive residue will result.

Additional information

  • 180 total feet per roll
  • Total of 9 mil thick
  • Oriented polyethylene backing
  • Synthetic rubber-clear adhesive
  • Excellent moisture and water resistance
  • 32º F - 160º F functional temperature range
  • Secures holes, pleats, seams, tears, and zipper doors

Distributor information

This product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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