2 in. x 180 ft. Heat Shrink Tape | Single Roll

2 in. x 180 ft. Heat Shrink Tape | Single Roll
Blue, White and Clear Heat Shrink Tape
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2 Inch wide, 9-mil Heat Shrink Tape.  Heat shrink tape is designed to tape up seams, patch shrink wrap holes and secure your zipper access doors.  White, blue and clear color choices to match your shrink wrapping job.  No UV Inhibitors.
Buy individual rolls of tape in any amount.
*IMPORTANT* Clear tape is NOT recommended for usage longer than 60 days. An adhesive residue will result.

Additional information

  • 180 total feet per roll
  • Total of 9 mil thick
  • Oriented polyethylene backing
  • Synthetic rubber-clear adhesive
  • Excellent moisture and water resistance
  • 32º F - 160º F functional temperature range
  • Secures holes, pleats, seams, tears, and zipper doors

Distributor information

This product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

Customer Reviews

This tape has more uses than just shrink wrapping boats. Keep a roll in your house for a multitude of uses when you need a tape that will 'stick'. You'll be surprised by the number of uses you find for it.
Reviewed by: from Embden. on 11/17/2016
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

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