3/4 in. Woven Cord Strapping Buckles

3/4 in. Woven Cord Strapping Buckles
3/4 Inch Strapping Buckles
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3/4" buckles come in 100 weight ct. bags.  3/4 inch buckles are designed for use with 3/4 inch woven cord strapping  and tensioning tool to create a perimeter band for your shrink wrap project. 

To install a buckle on strapping to form a perimeter band, think about it like you're putting on a helmet.  Take your strapping and double it up, put it through the buckle, run it over a prong and pull it through far enough to attach the strap tensioning tool.  Then ratchet into place and tie it off.

Additional information

  • 3/4" buckles in a 100 ct. bag
  • Designed for use with 3/4 inch woven polyester strapping
  • Allows for use of the strap tensioning tool to install a chafe-free perimeter band

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This product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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