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Is Shrink Wrap Difficult to Use?

Shrink wrap is easy to apply. By using the logical steps to install our shrink wrap, as shown on the shrink wrap training video, you will find it is easier to shrink wrap than to tarp. Shrink Wrap is also far more effective than tarps.
Using the appropriate shrink wrap tools is required to safely shrink wrap. After all, your goal is to obtain the most durable shrink wrap cover.

This series of Shrink Wrap Tips / FAQ is a great place to start, along with the video we mention repeatedly, which shows the process of how to shrink wrap a boat. It really is a MUST WATCH and provides a great shrink wrapping overview (helpful for shrink wrapping a boat, equipment, or any other large item).
Watch each video segment at least twice before shrink wrapping. You can watch online for free: Shrink Wrap Video, or can purchase the dvd video separately - it is also provided free with the purchase of any of our shrink wrap guns.  

Be sure to evaluate the weather if you will be shrink wrapping outside. Clear days with light winds make the shrink wrap covering process much quicker, and you will end up with a much more durable shrink wrap cover.