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Your Storage Solution

- For your winter storage program, consider the high-quality, easy-to-use Transhield Storage Covers . These covers can save you time, money and provide the best protection available for indoor or outdoor storage for you or your customers. Transhield’s patented three-layer material was developed to provide strength, reduce damage caused by abrasion or condensation. Plus, Transhield is removable for any needed winter service or sales.

Three Layers of Protection

- Transhield’s outer layer is a special UV-resistant polyethylene shrink  stretch film, available in Bright White. The middle layer is a hot-melt adhesive containing no solvents. The inner layer is a soft, non-woven polyester material. The combination of these three products provides superior surface protection — even to high gloss finishes. Simply put, Transhield’s unique, non-abrasive composition protects boats during storage or transportation without causing damage to paint, plastic  or other fine finishes.

Easy and Convenient

- Transhield can be applied easier than most other products on the market and in a fraction of the time. These are custom-fit covers so there is less taping, tucking and folding than there would be with other forms of covering. Application takes only a few minutes. Simply install the cover, fix it to the boat being covered and shrink it tightly. Transhield covers allow access to the boat while in storage.


- Transhield Covers may be custom made when you place your order. Please allow up to 5 business days for manufacturing unless otherwise noted. To save time, once available, your new Transhield cover will ship by UPS or FedEx, direct to you from Transhield Inc in Elkhart, Indiana.
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