Transhield 23-25 ft. V-Hull Reusable Boat Cover | Shrink Wrap Fabric

Transhield 23-25 ft. V-Hull Reusable Boat Cover | Shrink Wrap Fabric
Transhield 3 Layer Shrink Wrap Cover
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Transhield - The Shrinkable FabricTM for Superior Storage Protection, with patented VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor). 

Transhield 3 layer shrink wrap boat covers have many benefits for you:
  • Custom-fit covers with zippers, Velcro or other components make use simple.
  • Non-abrasive non-woven lining protects finishes from damage.
  • Inner non-woven lining reduces condensation associated with typical film.
  • Stand-alone product - no bubble wrap, micro-foam, or any other product is needed.
  • The heat shrinking process provides a tight fit so that the cover will stay on during transportation or storage.
  • Easy to apply in just a few minutes.
  • Transhield offers 100% protection as opposed to spot protection.
  • Transhield can be removed quickly and easily.
Transhield covers are placed over your boat or RV and tightened by the drawstring bottom. Additional strapping (sold separately) can be used to tighten the fit at the base of the cover.

Shrinking the cover with a propane fired heat tool is HIGHLY recommended. Shrinking the covers provides a tighter fit, and also makes for less wear on the cover.

Venting and the use of desiccant packets also is highly recommended. The woven lining on the interior of the Transhield will help with moisture, but if anything is damp when the cover is put on, mildew and mold can occur.

Transhield boat covers are typically reusable for 2-3 seasons. To remove your Transhield cover, simply let the drawstring out and start uncovering from one end. When you reapply the cover the following year, it is recommended that it be re-shrunk to form a tight and secure fit.

Adjustable support poles for these covers are available. A standard 2 x 4 may also be used to support the cover with the use of support top and bottom caps.

Additional information

NOTE: Currently, Transhield Boat Covers eliminate the sizing process required for Shrink Wrapping. Please allow a couple business days for processing Transhield orders. To save time, your new Transhield cover will ship by UPS or FedEx, direct to you from Transhield Inc in Weslaco, Texas.

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This Transhield shrink wrap cover is distributed by: Transhield

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