Individual Shrink Wrap Pallet Bag|5 Mil Thick Bags

Individual Shrink Wrap Pallet Bag|5 Mil Thick Bags
Pallet Shrink Bag on a Skid with Heat Applied
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A single pallet bag in 4 or 5 mil options. Order a single bag in any size so you can make a decision about what size and thickness you want your shrinkable pallet bag to be.

Bag DimensionsMil ThicknessRoll Qty.Pallet Size (L x W up to H)Shipping WeightBox Ship Size

40" x 36" x 72"5 Mil6036" x 36" up to 48"86 lbs.43" x 10" x 10"
52" x 48" x 60"5 Mil5540"-48" x 48" up to 30"114 lbs.53" x 10" x 10"
52" x 48" x 78"5 Mil4540"-48" x 48" up to 48"118 lbs.53" x 10" x 10"
52" x 48" x 90"5 Mil4040"-48" x 48" up to 72"125 lbs.53" x 10" x 10"

Additional information

Load your pallet and then cover it from the top down with a pallet shrink bag (install the bag upside down), so the bag completely covers the load. Make a vertical pleat or two to neatly reduce any extra material. At the bottom (at the pallet), take the excess bag and cuff it around the base of the pallet.

Using a shrink wrap heat gun (such as the RapidShrink RS100 Shrink Wrap Gun), apply heat to first shrink the cuff at the base of the pallet, to secure the load to the pallet. Then apply heat to the pleats to weld them, and ultimately work your way around and up the pallet shrink bag until it is evenly shrunk.

Pallet Shrink Bag Features and Benefits:
  • Bag resin has strengtheners.
  • Bag resin has 6 months of UV inhibitors*.
  • All resins are 100% virgin.
  • Shrink Bags shrink up to 20%.
  • Recyclable #4 Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).
*The UV inhibitors protect the pallet shrink bags from UV damage, but do NOT protect the content of the bags. UV rays will penetrate the clear pallet shrink bags and can have a "greenhouse" effect.

Distributor information

These pallet bags are distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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Kurt Ott
Excellent Product
Reviewed by: from Greenfield. on 5/30/2017
Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

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