Dr. Shrink Utility Cart

Dr. Shrink Utility Cart
Shrink Wrap Go-Cart Rack / Film Dispenser
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The Dr. Shrink Dolly Style utility Cart.  A partitioned top-basket helps keep iddly-bits organized and ready for use.  A stout bar is installed underneath the top container for strapping, tape or other accessories.  A solid cross-bar base is able to hold your propane tank for easy transportation, designed to make this the only shrink wrap accessory rack you'll need!

A side-mounting heat tool holster is handily installed for quick use.

Additional information

The rack  is easily maneuvered on it's large wheels, which lock for your convenience. 

A film rack is important in that it allows you to easily roll your shrink wrap over your project. This helps keep the shrink wrap clean and protected allowing for the best adhesion of welds including surface preparation for tape, doors, vents, etc. 

Distributor information

This shrink wrap product is distributed by: Dr. Shrink

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